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First and oldest translation service accredited in Frankfurt am Main to do officially certified translations to and from Ukrainian.


State-approved translator licensed to do certified translations in Russian in Frankfurt am Main.

Experience makes all the difference

30 years at the interface between German and Eastern Europe – this is the thread running through Ljudmila Arnswald’s professional activities. Three decades of linguistic and inter-cultural competence are far more than the routine marginal lead over competitors.

And it pays off: When a guest speaker at a conference deviates from the written text, when a customer needs to make himself understood in his mother tongue at all court levels, when complex contracts take on the proportions of a telephone directory, when a diploma should have been translated and certified yesterday rather than today … and of course even when everything does go according to plan.

Practice has shown that excellent language services call for a clearly defined field of work. This is why we focus on specialisation rather than offering all of the languages around the globe. Instead, we offer an extensive mother-tongue service for the emerging CIS markets in the relevant business languages and for all sectors.